Running is the most important tool for a baseball player to have. Good foot speed will allow you to make plays in the field others cannot, beat out infield hits, stretch basehits into extra basehits, and most importantly, score more runs. It is so important, that some coaches exclusively look for speed and hope to help teach the other skills. It is important for you to realize that every level you move up, JV to Varsity, high school to college, college to professional baseball, the speed of the game increases. Pitchers throw faster, balls are hit harder, fielders get rid of the ball quicker (and also throw harder), and in order to be able to compete, runners need to run faster as well.

If you are a player with good foot speed, you have a HUGE advantage over any other player even if you are currently terrible at everything else. If you have good foot speed, please do not give up on this game, there is a coach out there who will take a chance on you. If you are a player with weak foot speed, don’t worry, all is not lost. Coaches do tend to forgive a slower player (which is most of us by the way), as long as he adds a benefit with other parts of his game. Like arm strength, this skill takes a LONG time to develop, so
if you do not know where you stand please do yourself a favor and find out today.

Improving your foot speed IS POSSIBLE! As with other skills most players can improve their speed by simply correcting their running form, so obtaining a qualified speed coach is advised.

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