Fielding is a little tricky to sum up in one quick sentence, as it can be very different depending on the position being played. However, like everything else good technique when practicing is vital for any fielder to develop their skills with the glove. One thing that is important when working on fielding, if you are going to a coach or instructor, please choose an instructor that played that knows your position. For example, even though infielders and pitchers believe playing the outfield is easy, if you want to become a great outfielder, an instructor who has never played out there will not be able to help you.

This is a skill that is very difficult for a coach to determine. Often mistakes are made simply because how the player “looks” while fielding. If he looks smooth and properly coached, often that player will win the approval over a player who may be able to make more plays but not look as smooth. Though it isn’t fair, it isn’t completely the coaches fault either. Every player will make errors, so as unhappy as a coach may be about that player making them, he has to decide upon who he believes will make less of them over the course of the season. The worst part about that is, he will never truly be able to know who would make less errors unless each player had equal time... and even then, he would only know for sure at the end of the season.

Much like real coaches, this will easily be the one tool we will not fairly be able to judge. Many assumptions will be made based on the current position you play, your level of play, and some of your other skills. The key take away from this is, not only do you have to be able to field to win a position, but you also have to be able to convince the coach that you can field by simply performing the actions correctly.

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