Being able to put the bat on the ball and get a hit is as much mental as it is physical. The best swing in the world cannot overcome a hitter who is not mentally prepared to hit. Hitting is not something you have to be an exceptional athlete to be able to do as many great hitters are not necessarily elite athletes. To be a great hitter, it helps to have a good swing, however, it is even more important for that player to have confidence.

Your ability as a hitter may be completely masked by terrible mechanics, and unlike some of the other tools, this can come quickly. Though it isn’t common... There might be simply one little thing which can be corrected over a relatively short period of time which can unlock your true potential. The problem with hitting is, it is like the weather. A fast runner or pitcher (unless he is hurt) is fast every day, and a good fielder rarely has a bad day, but even the best of hitters can lose their abilities even sometimes as quickly as within an at bat. Hitting is like the weather... some days it is great, some days it rains, and as much as you wish for it to remain good at all times, that cannot be controlled. The key is knowing your swing enough that you can not only correctly diagnose your troubles, but what to do when they are happening so that you may be able to salvage some success until you weather the storm.

A knowledgeable hitting coach can make a huge difference in keeping you hitting throughout the season.

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