Increasing Arm Strength is typically the most sought after tool from ballplayers everywhere. Most coaches believe a strong arm is a gift that you are either born with and cannot be taught. In many ways this is true. A coach is not capable of teaching a player how to throw 100 mph, but he can teach that player how to get the maximum amount of arm strength out of what they do have.

More often than not a player’s mechanics are preventing him from throwing the ball with the velocity he is capable of. A good coach will be able to correct these issues, or getting some lessons from a pitching instructor can also help. However, please do not make the mistake of thinking that the only guy on the baseball field with a strong arm is the Pitcher. As you move higher up the levels, every guy on the field will be capable of throwing hard. Though a team will sometimes accept a player with a weaker arm in a few positions, when competing to make the team if all other skills are roughly equal, a stronger armed player will always win out.

If you do not
know where you stand with respect to Arm Strength, or do not believe it is important, you may be making a mistake. Developing Arm Strength does not happen over night, unless you are one of those very lucky players who just naturally figured out the proper technique, it takes a lot of practice and proper coaching to correct. You may run like a deer, you may hit like an All Star, but if you throw like “Baba Booey” you will make coaches cringe.

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